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Compliance Management

Security controls are of little use if they are not properly enforced.

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Control Assessments


Audit Management

All organizations need to comply with an increasing range of internal and external regulatory and legal requirements.  To ensure protection of business information critical to them and their stakeholders.

To do this they need an effective framework to implement and monitor risk based compliance for their clients and third-parties.

 What is Compliance Management?

Managing compliance operations is a demanding and complex task. Complying with internal corporate procedures, external regulatory requirements and/or industry standards and codes of conduct is essential to businesses. Frequent changes can leave those responsible uncertain about their level of compliance. As a result, many businesses and individuals could be exposed to significant risks due to non-compliance including risks to registration, persons and the environment, as well as potential litigation, financial cost, and reputational damage.

An effective security program must cover many scenarios and clearly define the duties and expectations for everyone in your organization — from the security department to management and employees as well as third parties like local emergency respondents and business continuity partners. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we can review your current security policies to ensure they cover your current risks and vulnerabilities.

 Security Policy and Procedure Development

If you find your current policies are insufficient or ineffective, we can develop security policies and services tailored to the exact risks you face — all within the framework of laws and regulations of each country in which you operate.

Control Assessments and Security Audits

Security control assessments and audits are vital to security risk management. Assessments help decide what resources are needed, while audits are critical to the quality assurance process that strengthens implementation. SecArc offers its clients two key advantages in this area. We use proven methodologies and our consultants understand that services must be tailored to the specific security context.

Security reviews assess your existing security infrastructure and methodologies.  They identify gaps and make recommendations so your security solutions can best mitigate risks associated with identified threats.

Security audits ensure policies and procedures are implemented correctly.

Both activities should be supported by a security risk assessment to help maintain a balanced approach to security risk management.

Compliance Dashboards

Enables organizations to assess and communicate information security data to enable timely, effective and efficient management of risk to the business.

Includes these key features:

– Clear methodology: linking business objectives to risk components
– Simple displays: immediate indication of risk alerts and risk trends
– Rapid deployment: using a comprehensive catalog of risk metrics linked to a defined framework for risk assessment and reporting

Why do you need Compliance Dashboard?

– To be accountable for security actions
– To report security progress to the business
– To evaluate exposure and mitigate damage
– To help manage risk effectively
– To demonstrate regulatory compliance
– To provide better stewardship and justify security spending
– To improve security awareness
– Because you can’t manage the unknown

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