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16 September

Speakers: Branden Williams

Inadequate security and dedicated cyber attackers have led enterprise data breaches to increase at an alarming pace. Staggering numbers of affected customers – and financial losses – are sending shock waves through the business world, and creating a sense of urgency around identifying solutions. Finding a way to ward off cyber intruders has become a critical challenge.

There is a need to create value around company data. One way to do this is to ensure that the workforce knows and understands the threats that are out there and the measures that are in place to protect against them. Data security is not one size fits all, nor is a data security communication plan. Finding the ideal fit for any company may take trial and error, but an educated and mindful workforce will serve to support the mission of IT security teams tasked with keeping confidential information secure. Join this educational panel webinar to hear experts discuss how to realize data security potential across an enterprised

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