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Security Awareness Management

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Social Engineering

Security Awareness Training

All companies have must take of care to their employees. Our courses are led by a highly qualified and experienced instructors. We offer a wide range of training modules which can be packaged together if needed. Wherever possible, courses blend interactive lectures, discussion exercises and scenarios, and demanding, realistic practical training to test key learning points.

An outline list of courses is as follows:

– Security awareness training
– Security management and consultancy
– Social engineering and phishing

Crisis Management Training

Physical, operational or reputational risk, businesses must adapt and remain resilient throughout any disruptive events. The training and exercises ensure that when under the pressure of a real crisis, the team can be as effective and as successful as possible.

Crisis management training and exercises can include:

– Review and discussion of crisis and incident plans, responsibilities, and channels of communication
– Scenario exercises to build crisis decision-making capabilities
– Training in crisis communication and live exercises with experienced journalists to build crisis communication skills
– Table-top and semi-live exercises to test and build a crisis team’s preparedness
– Feedback and recommendations regarding the organization’s crisis management plans, structure and teams

General Security Training

A preliminary assessment of the operation in question, an analysis of organizational threats and interviews with security professionals and operational management of the organization is the  first step.

Based on this review and analysis, training can include the following components:

– Threat and risk analysis
– Basic risk management and mitigation strategies
– Preparation and implementation of security plans
– Basics of security methodologies (layered protection, use of personnel, processes and technology, information security) and references for further study
– Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace

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