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Information Security Officer is accountable for all security-related activities for the respective customer. In a typical engagement, he/she operate as a trusted adviser in the organization, working with senior management and focusing specifically on security needs and requirements of the client. Helping him to meets it’s business objectives.


– Information Security Officer operates as a trusted adviser in the organization.
– Provide value to your organization through Security leadership with deep expertise to help solve business problems.
– It is a business-driven service, managing security in a business-focused manner, using business language to describe risk, threat, and so forth.
– Information Security Officer delivers security assurance within the context of your organization and the compliance regimes you are subject to.
– Ensure agreed issues with client are resolved within the negotiated timeline
– Audit & Compliance: Ensure all Security and Compliance Incidents are managed from a customer relationship standpoint
– Risk Management: Raise security-related risks and non-compliance to appropriate management level for timely and effective resolution

The management of Security Risk, allows an organisation to make sound business decisions based upon a clear understanding of the risk associated with those actions. Managing, or mitigating those risks is done through rigorous governance to ensure transparency across the organisation, risk processes to drive common understanding and a consistent approach and compliance to ensure that regulatory and policy obligations are being fulfilled.


– Continual security improvement
– Allows you to meet your regulatory requirements
– Provides evidence for assurance of compliance
– Recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities
– Streamlined and efficient audits
– Focus on security tailored to the client requirements

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